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Welcome To Your Key For Privacy

WINciphr Lite was created to answer the needs of typical E-mail users.  Although the public key/private key and digital signature technology makes everyone feel safer (for viruses and credit fraud), many people still have difficulty securing personal E-mail. Until now, strong security that could be used easily and affordably, was not readily available.

What Does WINciphr Lite Do?

WINciphr Lite - can meet personal E-mail privacy needs by allowing you to create enciphered messages using the built-in editor.  Messages are enciphered (rendered unreadable) with a secret key.  And, since only the unreadable file needs to be saved, there is no chance of the message being found or backed-up in readable form (even if your laptop is lost or stolen). If the file is opened with another program (Notepad, WordPad or Word, etc.) it cannot be read.  The best description of what a file opened in this manner looks like, is gobbledygook.

How Do I Use WINciphr Lite?

Message files created with WINciphr Lite are simply attached to your outgoing E-mail.  The recipient starts WINciphr Lite, opens the attachment file and deciphers the message using the secret key.  You can call the person receiving the message to tell them the secret key, or prearrange one (such as Dad's pet name for your brother, or your favorite musician).  There are some hints in the online help to get you started.

Every person you correspond with can have their own key, or a different one can even be used for each E-mail.  You can create a file of keys used for each person and then encipher that file with your own key.  With WINciphr Lite, you can even encipher personal files on your computer.  These encoded files are binary files with a .COD extension. (Somehow that reminds me that secrets sleep with the fishes.   I'm taking literary license here, the saying is a reference to the movie, The Godfather.  Dead men tell no tales after having been given a cement overcoat and a pair of lead boots to sleep among the fishes.)  In addition, the user interface is straightforward and easy-to-use.

How Does WINciphr Lite Work?

WINciphr Lite scrambles your original text using sophisticated encryption technology.  This technology is so secure that the U.S. Government will not permit us to export it to foreign countries (except Canada) or sell it to anyone who is not a U.S. or Canadian citizen.  For detailed product information read the Data Sheet.